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Finally, I can share with you my new collection.

It start's at the 'the beginning right?'...


Contemporary emotional figurative artist, visualizing images of raw emotion; trauma, abuse, strength...

Sharing difficult emotions to help others to recognize themselves or understand others to find peace of mind or support.


My artwork named 'I See You' is now being showcased at Emotions - 2022 exhibition, organized by Gallerium and powered by @Biafarin platform.

To learn more, please visit:

Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 10.17_edited.jpg

Artist Statement

I am a very empathetic person and I feel a strong connection with many people who carry or struggle with raw emotions.

I too have had to carry many emotional burdens during my life and since I found that I can express my own personal emotions onto canvas, I find that each time I produce a piece of work, those 'burdens become less every time.

As I have a lively imagination, I have to sketch out many ideas before I determine which design idea I will go with for my next painting. I do this to stop my paintings from looking too busy. Once I have done that, I generally play around with colour themes digitally to get a feel for the particular emotion that I am portraying.

After choosing the right sized canvas, I start to prime it by using either a black or white gesso.

I would then pencil line the design onto the canvas, all the while visualising my future steps and taking in the composition that I am drawn to. My base layers of the design are painted using watered-down oils and a large sturdy round brush. I like to map everything out so that I am ready to have the freedom with my palette knives.

I would then prepare my first set of oils onto a large glass platform. These colours would be used for the figure in the design. I start with the delicate areas of the design first, like the eyes and the mouth and then onto the rest of the face. 

I try to gain as much texture as I need onto the face, this represents the bumps and hurdles that you go through in your lifetime.

Once I am happy with the figure, I would then go on preparing a few vibrant oils and these would be expressed onto the face and the surrounding areas. The colours I use for this are to remind us to be more mindful in life. That you can achieve colour in your dark days and not let your past haunt you and cast any shadows.

My art will evolve as much as my mindset, and my purpose in life will become more clear...I am an artist, an oil painter...

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