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Artwork exhibiting at Gallerium Art

I am excited to share with you that one of my artworks - 'I See You' has been accepted and entered into an online exhibition, called Emotions.

When I saw the calling for this and seeing the title of the exhibition, I immediately submitted my work.

I was nervous to wait until the deadline had passed to see if one or any of my works had been accepted. And I was delighted to find that my most popular piece had been submitted!

So from the 10th June to 10th July, my work, alongside a few other amazing artists, will be showcase internationally online via Gallerium Art and powered by a great platform, Biafarin.

Here is my poster for the exhibition:

There are a few other opportunities for me coming up...and I hope that I can share with you as they come along.

Thank you again for all your support!

Claire x

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