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Finding my purpose!

Ok, so for some time now...(let's say a few years) I have struggled to find what my 'purpose' is in life. I know what you're saying, 'such a cliché' and 'you don't need a purpose'.....

I was very unhappy since having my son 4 years ago and I have been searching for something that would make me happy because let's face it, I kinda lost my mojo with work and it started to feel like a 'job'! Gah!!! As an artist, who others may agree, if anything feels like a job, it's time to move on, am I right?

Anyhow how, during the lockdown, my mind started to wonder, like many others, to figure out what would make me happy, what can I do in my life that would make a change, to make me fulfilled, etc...

In August, I joined a large art community and I said 'hi' now and then but I never really committed to anything. So when the New Year began and we entered yet another lockdown and I had to homeschool my children again, I really had to shake things up and push myself to get motivated.

So towards the end of January 2021, I made a promise to myself that I, after so many years of having this dream of mine to be a full time professional 'artist', would make a go of it and do my research and concentrate on my portfolio.

I have delved into the past and figured out why I make art and what I produce...this then continues onto other factors of my work and how I would find my people in order to become this said artist.

At the moment, I am doing just that, I am working on my portfolio collective. This doesn't happen overnight and I'll change various different things to finally get a collective that has similarities and holds that 'golden thread' which combines all my work together. Once I have completed enough pieces to show, they will be uploaded onto a refreshed website. So even though I write this blog today, my website at the moment is no longer 'available''s being kept up to show that I am still here...kinda.

My reasoning for my new work will be revealed and this will be a difficult decision for me to make. However, after all my intense research and written work, I feel that this is exactly what I should be doing and it fills me with contentment and support.

So in the meantime, I will continue to work on my new pieces and if you want to know when my new site and work will be live, please subscribe to my mailing list.

Thanx Claire x

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