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Hidden Talents Magazine

Way back in July 2020, during the lockdown, I was asked for an editorial piece for the launch of a new online magazine called Hidden Talents from The Arches Project.

This was to include a little bit about myself, my work and where would like to see myself in 12 months time. I can happily say that I have accomplished one part of my goal which was to have my own space solely for painting!

It was just a brief introduction so I kept it pretty small and only touched on various aspects of what I do, etc.

To get access to the whole of issue, you would have to purchase it online.

However, if you'd like to fast forward to read my page then here it is...

To be asked to be featured in any type of media is always an honour. Maybe as I progress with my own little journey of my work in the coming months/years, I would like to further invest my time in more avenues to promote my work and views on my direction.

As always, thank you for your time in reading my posts :D

Claire x

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