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It's been a crazy few weeks...

It's been four months since my last post and I haven't had chance to update as much as I would have liked to whilst I was getting my new collection completed and ready for my first exhibition!

But, better late than never huh?

Ok, so I managed to complete my collection 'The Beginnings' in time to send to the printers to get them scanned for prints. (By the way, the prints are AMAZING! Each print is stamped, signed and has a certificate of authenticity).

I have a few various sizes to choose from. Making sure that each print has the correct orientation values to match the original.

They were showcased in my browser at the exhibition...


Sussex Art Fair

So this was the first ever time that I experienced an exhibition. I was nervous, excited and really didn't think that I would fit in. But you know what, once I had set up my stand, I started to feel at ease and chatting to my neighbouring artists.

I learnt that I was not the only one who was a 'first-timer'.

I found that even though my work wasn't really similar to other artists' work, I had the right attention that I needed. At this particular exhibition, I noticed a lot of work that can be easily hung within someone's home, office, work illustrated to me that I need a different direction for my work.

Which is kinda what I knew but having the experience is what I wanted too.

I had many questions answered by showcasing my work over the weekend and now I can move in a clearer direction.

The feedback I had from visitors was so valuable that I will use from now onwards to find my audience for my work. (it's not easy, you know)

I met some great artists too and still keep in touch since the exhibition has ended and I wish them the best of luck with their work, so talented!

I have placed all originals and prints in my store. Please feel free to get in touch to ask any questions relating to my work, the exhibition and/or if you require and commission work relating to art therapy.

Thank you

Claire x

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