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Let go in order to grow

So, it's been one whole week since I launched my site with a new look and new direction. Within this time I have had many people reach out to me for various reasons and possible directions to look into, to strengthen my cause.

I knew that by making my 'bio' public, I would be in a vulnerable position, but after so many years, being open was all I had and I needed to do this in order to grow. I needed to move forward and break the cycle of family history, mistakes and thoughts.

I'm using my personal experiences only for a constructive and positive outlook to reach out to anyone who needs to hear it.

I'm raising my hand to say that I am not the only one who has been in hardship and still struggle to this day but having some focus along the way helps strengthen my purpose and my goal and it could help you too.

Some may take longer than others but making that first initial thought, read or move, makes all the difference. Accepting that you need help, understanding that you have different thoughts and visions about scenarios...

The best feeling for me, was coming to terms with what I have been through (and I have only been very subtle so far..) at such an early part of my life. Looking from 'outside of the box', the realisation that I made by my own daughter being the same now, seven, of when my mother had her accident and knowing that this was the beginnings of a huge life changing situation. For the next two years would be hell for the seven year old me...

It pains me to think like this but at the same time it helps with my healing.

Using paint to express how I feel or felt at some point in my life, is a huge aspect in my healing now and to maintain my balance for the future. All the hurt, frustration, betrail, sadness, embarrassment and happiness are all entwined onto one canvas...and I get to share this with all of you. And if anything that I do helps YOU in anyway, then my purpose is being fulfilled.

Claire x

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