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Countdown to the new site...

Sunday 21st November 2021! - Unveiling of my new site and why I have changed the process of my art and where I want to take myself and my art in the future!

Wow! I don't know how long this process has taken me to eventually be true to myself and my work, but I have decided to let down barriers, take myself way back into my life and find out what has been keeping me underwater for so long.

My new site and work aren't a 'tell all' and definitely not self-indulgent, but after a very raw and emotional time or times, I should say, in my life. I finally admitted to myself that, 'you know what, I really need to address this' and begin my own self-healing. But, I also found that whilst doing so, there are so many others that could relate and it disturbed me to think that so many people are going through the same and living a life where they know no different or if they do, have nowhere to turn.

In the grand scheme of things, I would like to help in whatever way I can to ease others pain through trauma, especially childhood trauma. We aren't all 'problem children!'

In the coming weeks, after the site has gone 'live', I shall try my best to be vocal, more efficient with possible ideas to help and just to be there...see the new forum.

In the meantime, please feel free to email me for information, ideas, or if you would like to keep in touch, subscribe to my email. I promise you I won't send you spam!

Thanx for the support!

Claire x

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