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New Year Showcase...

Recently, I have managed to be at my art studio more regular to continue working on my long-awaited new collection!

Having two young children, whilst in the midst of their 6 weeks holiday, I have to admit, I struggled to do any painting and I felt like I was losing my train of thought...after such a dedicated year of re-directing my work.

But, sometimes you gotta roll with it and let!

As I fear that this collection will take longer than expected if I let it, I have set myself a target and I’m trying to be realistic and looking at early next year to showcase my work. So to those who are on my subscription email list, you’ll be the first to find out where and how I shall do that.

I am probably only a third into the number of pieces I need for my first-ever show but as things are starting to settle down...I believe I shall continue to buckle down and complete my first ever large collection!

As my work is moving into an area that, still, is a little unnerving for me and holds a lot of emotions such as; anger, hurt, sadness, strength...I do tend to find that as I go along, some pieces take longer than others. I may need a good holiday once I'm done as I'm sure ill be exhausted!

Nonetheless, I'm hoping for bigger things after this showcase, however long it may take but I believe it'll be something worth showcasing for!

So a HUGE thank you to all of you who subscribe/order and just follow give me something to push for!

Thank you

Claire x

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