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Out of hibernation...into creative work.

I wanted to originally post about hoping that you all have had a great New Years etc, etc...but I literally shut myself away over the holiday period and found myself feeling slow in doing anything. I was well and truly still in hibernation mode. So, the post didn't happen :/

And you know what?...i think my body needed it.

Most of 2021 was planning out my work, making pathways for exhibitions and creating social awareness and spending time with my family. So hitting the reset button was definitely needed!

Anyhow, I really do hope that you guys brought in the New Year in whatever way felt good for you.

Fast forward to the beginning of February...what...already?

I am now fully functional and getting wrapped up into my creative space, producing work ready for my first ever exhibition!! Nervous as hell but really excited!

The exhibition will be held at:

Sussex Art Fair at Goodwood Racecourse – 13th, 14th and 15th May 2022

Details on how to purchase tickets for the event:

Just yesterday evening I was planning out the section I have for my work and I feel slightly better now and doesn't feel so daunting. Until a few days before, I will most probably be freaking out!

I also probably have around 4-6 paintings to complete for the show too. No pressure!

I have decided to have prints of my original paintings too at a cheaper rate and also small postcard bundles of my paintings.

So even if you can't invest in my art at this time, you can still take something away with you.

Here is one of the larger pieces that will be shown at the exhibition...

This 28x36 stretched canvas original will be shown at Sussex Art Fair between 13th-15th May 2022. If you are interested in this piece, please email your interest via my email:

I plan to have around 9 paintings on show, due to the size of the space I have, but I shall hope to be taking more paintings to replace those that may sell over the weekend.

I plan to take a video recording once all paintings are fully secured onto the walls so you can see what I have on show for those who are travelling there and want to take a peek before entrance.

So, in the meantime, I will continue to paint my way through the work needed for the show but I also welcome any commission work. Just email me with your relevant info and we can chat with regards to time scale etc.

Oh, I will be dropping two items with February, something that I had an idea of and wanted to see how they do and if they prove to be a good idea, then I shall do's a sneak peak:

So keep an eye on my instagram for more details, or if you want to know sooner, subscribe to my mailing list. I promise you, no nonsense emails, just a drop when i produce new work, shows, prints etc...

Have a great weekend guys!


Claire x

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