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Residency at Newhampton Arts Centre!

I am so happy to have finally pushed myself to have a studio just solely for my paintings. (I have had a tattoo studio in previous years)

I have gained entry into Newhampton's Art Centre in Wolverhampton, UK. There are so many other great artists here, from painting to sculpting, dance classes and music recording.

There are regular events happening all around the year too. There's so much buzz here!

To have a space where I can paint, let go of my emotions, sketch out ideas, and then be able to just leave without having to pack things away until next time is an awesome feeling!!

Here is where I can complete my recent collection of work and many other ideas that will unfold in the future. The space has such a great calming feel, and I can't wait to start bringing my equipment in and making it my own.

Keep in touch for more updates as and when I upload them.

At the moment my children are in their summer holidays so being at the studio will be a little less than planned at the moment. But watch this space! :D

Thanx for reading! x

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